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The Province of Sancti Spiritus in central Cuba has a distinguished past. The old city of Trinidad near the Caribbean coast is a living museum of Spanish colonial architecture. The provincial capital, Sancti Spiritus, on the Carretera Central between Havana and Santiago de Cuba, also has its colonial quarters.

Between these cities is the picturesque Valle de los Ingenios, where a boom in the sugar industry in the early 19th century is evidenced by numerous stately manor houses and other vestiges of an economy based on slavery.

A few beach resorts are found on the Ancon Peninsula near Trinidad, but this picture-perfect province appeals more to the traveler interested in Cuba's history and culture.

A number of small santeria temples may be visited, including one containing the image in our santeria photo. In these places, you might even see adherents practicing routines for the Trinidad carnival.

All the photos on are by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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The tower of San Francisco
rises from the old town of Trinidad.
Cuba welcomes visitors. This Caribbean country offers a unique and very different travel experience.

An altar in the Casa Templo de Santeria Yemaya, Trinidad.

A street near the Puente Yayabo in old Sancti Spiritus.

The Puente Yayabo in Sancti Spiritus was built by the Spanish in 1815.

A worker in the pottery factory at Trinidad, Cuba.

The Plaza Mayor, heart of the old colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba.

A captured iguana for sale on the Ancon Peninsula near Trinidad.

Sugarfields and royal palms in the Valle de los Ingenios near Trinidad.

An ox cart on the main road between Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus.