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Fidel. A Film by Saul LandauFidel! A Film by Saul Landau
The charisma and genius of the most influencial Cuban in moderate times shine through in this film.

Birds of CubaBirds of Cuba
A field guide to Cuba's 354 species.

A Toda Cuba Le GustaA Toda Cuba Le Gusta
The masters of Cuban music, from Ibrahim Ferrer to Don Ruben Gonzalez.

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand UpWill the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
Chronicles half a century of hostile US-Cuban relations.

Cuba UnspunCuba Unspun
Rosa Jordan tells about the Cuba she has experienced over 15 years of travel.

Babalu AyeBabalu Ayé
Jazz group Irakere led by pianist Chucho Valdes takes Cuban music to new heights.

Fresa y ChocolateFresa y Chocolate
A surprisingly appealing film about homosexuality in contemporary Cuba.

Eyewitness CubaEyewitness Cuba
Over 1,000 illustrations grace the 336 pages of this travel guide.

Barbaro del RitmoBarbaro del Ritmo
Banda Gigante leader and singer Benny More was the king of mambo.

The amusing story of a corpse being conveyed from Guantanamo to Havana.

Frommer's CubaFrommer's Cuba
An upscale American guide to Cuba in search of a hidden market.

Best of Los Van VanBest of Los Van Van
Selected songs from Cuba's most famous salsa dance band.

Batista's regime crumbles around an American gambler (Robert Redford) in this outstanding film.

Insight Guides CubaInsight Guides Cuba
This guide stands out for its stunning photography.

Cafe CubanaCafe Cubana
A sampler of many of the greats of Cuban music.

Honey for OshunHoney for Oshun
A crazy taxi ride around Cuba in search of the star's missing mother.

Lonely Planet CubaLonely Planet Cuba
A compact travel guide designed for the individual traveler, published in 2015.

Congo To CubaCongo To Cuba
Discover the common roots of contemporary African and Cuban music.

I Am CubaI Am Cuba
A fascinating 1964 propaganda film by Soviet director Mikhail Kalatozov.

Moon CubaMoon Cuba
The most in-depth guide to Cuba currently available, by Chris Baker.

Maria La OMaria La O
A classical Cuban zarzuela (operetta) composed by Ernesto Lecuona.

Life is to WhistleLife is to Whistle
A brilliant tale of a fisherman, social worker, and ballet dancer in Havana.

National Geographic Traveler CubaNational Geographic Cuba
The 4th edition by Christopher Baker and Pablo Corral Vega combines photography with insider information.

Musica YorubaMusica Yoruba
Santeria chants and songs by the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba.

The Twelve ChairsThe Twelve Chairs
A new release of a 1963 satire on the old regime displaced by the revolution.

Spotlight HavanaReal Havana
Explore Cuba like a local and save money.

Orishas y SantosOrishas y Santos
A collection of Cuban popular music based on the Afro-Cuban religion santeria.

Waiting ListWaiting List
Passengers stranded at a rural Cuban bus station begin forming relationships.

Rough Guide to CubaRough Guide to Cuba
The main drawback to this series is that only price ranges are provided.

Putumayo Presents CubaPutumayo Presents Cuba
The melodies and rhythms of Cuban son played by Cuban legends.