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It's not hard to meet interesting, creative people in Cuba. You'll bump into them at cultural events or on the street. Most Cubans enjoy having their picture taken, which makes this country a dream destination for the photographer. The friendliness of the Cubans is sincere and deep. It only takes one visit to learn that.

All the photos on are by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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Staff and dancers from the Ballet Folklorico Cutumba
in Santiago de Cuba
Cuba welcomes visitors. This Caribbean country offers a unique and very different travel experience.

Carnival dancers, Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, Havana.

Anti-aids activist Maria Gattorno in her Havana office.

Salvador Gonzalez, creator of Callejon del Hamel, Havana.

Regla santero Eberardo Marero before a santeria altar, Havana.

Painter and poet Efrain Nadereau, Santiago de Cuba.

Unloading coffee south of Cruce de los Banos, Santiago de Cuba.

An urban organic gardener tending his plants in Sancti Spiritus.

Skilled cigar rollers at the tobacco factory in Trinidad.