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Ironically, Cuba is one of the largest repositories in the world of classic American cars from the 1950s. Long-tailed Chevys and Buicks in Cuba since before the revolution still serve as collective taxis in Havana and elsewhere. There are also Soviet automobiles from the seventies and eighties, although the old American cars have more style.

All the photos on are by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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A 1929 Model A Ford convertible
at La Boca near Trinidad.
Cuba welcomes visitors. This Caribbean country offers a unique and very different travel experience.

A spotless 1953 Chevy on Plaza de Marte, Santiago de Cuba.

A 1957 Chevrolet on Calle General Lacret, Santiago de Cuba.

Another gleaming 1953 Chevy Bel Air at a Varadero resort.

Taxi passengers checking out a 1953 Ford near El Capitolio, Havana.

A 1956 Dodge parked in front of a house in Matanzas.

A 1948 Plymouth and a 1956 Ford parked on a Havana street.

Collective taxis stopped for a light at Galiano in Central Havana.

A stretched Lada taxi trolling for fares at Guanabo, Playas del Este