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The poster and billboard are two unique artforms of the revolution. Unlike the monotonous commercial advertising commonly seen in capitalist countries, Cuba's forthright political propaganda attracts the interest of travelers, at least.

The message is usually that the achievements of the revolution must be defended against American aggression, and this simple idea is conveyed through bright colors and clear designs. The most famous Cuban billboard, which once stood directly opposite the U.S. Interests Office in Havana, shows a militiaman calling across to a quivering Uncle Sam: "Dear Imperialists. We have absolutely no fear of you.".

All the photos on are by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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A message from Fidel Castro:
"Without propaganda, there is no mass movement.
Cuba welcomes visitors. This Caribbean country offers a unique and very different travel experience.

A sign greeting cyclists and hikers near Guane, Pinar del Rio.

This national park protects Cuba's largest undisturbed wetland.

A billboard in Havana condemns the United States blockade of Cuba.

A map at the southern trailhead of the route up Cuba's highest mountain.

A billboard facing the United States Interests Office in Havana.

Motto of the revolution: "Fatherland or Death. We shall overcome.".

The word on the street: "In every neighborhood, revolution.".

Camilo Cienfuegos, unblemished icon of the 1959 revolution.