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Cienfuegos, Cuba, stands on Cienfuegos Bay just north of the Caribbean Sea. A narrow waterway watched over by the Castillo de Jagua gives maritime access to the city. Cienfuegos lacks the long beaches found elsewhere in Cuba, and one of the few large resorts is the Hotel Rancho Luna on the Caribbean just south of Cienfuegos.

Our gallery of Cienfuegos travel photos introduces the "Pearl of the South," as the city is sometimes called. The city's stately, even austere neoclassical architecture and sculpture contrast with the lively character of its residents. For Cienfuegos is the home town of Benny More, "El Barbaro Del Ritmo," one of Cuba's most famous mambo bandleaders. The local nightclubs are buzz on weekends, and on holidays there's always dancing in the streets.

All the photos on are by David Stanley, original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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Parque Marti, Cienfuegos, in the background the Teatro Tomas Terry.
Cuba welcomes visitors. This Caribbean country offers a unique and very different travel experience.

The marble statue of La Bella Durmiente in Cementerio de la Reina.

Palacio de Ferrer a 1918 neoclassical mansion on Parque Marti.

One of two marble lions facing Cienfuegos Cathedral, Parque Marti.

A municipal band concert in Cienfuegos brings out the locals.

Looking south over the city's red tile rooftops to Cienfuegos Bay.

Yachts at Marina Puertosol near Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos.

A timeworn 1958 Cadillac covertible on a Cienfuegos street.

Commuters on the ferry across Cienfuegos Bay to Castillo de Jagua.