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Lonely Planet travel is a collection of 126 travel photos taken by David Stanley while researching the first two editions of Lonely Planet Cuba. A few of these photographs originally appeared in Stanley's travel guides, while the rest are published here for the first time.

Stanley first visited Cuba in 1975, and over the next four years he represented a Canadian tour company on Isla de la Juventud, at Varadero, and in Havana.

Since that time, he has revisited Cuba dozens of times. His editions of Lonely Planet Cuba were published in 1997 and 2000. Although the 3rd edition (2004) was updated by another writer, much of Stanley's original material remains.

This website presents a cross section of Cuba, with the emphasis on "real Cuban life" rather than the world of tourism. Hopefully these images convey to you some of the atmosphere of a very special place, and the warm, friendly people who call Cuba home.

The photo galleries are arranged by province, although Isla de la Juventud is actually a municipality and Havana is approached as a city as well as a province.

Have a look at the Cuba map to see where all the pictures fit in, and peruse the books, records, and films displayed on the shopping page.

About David Stanley

David Stanley has been writing travel guidebooks since 1979. His guides to the South Pacific islands and Micronesia opened Oceania to independent travelers for the first time.

Stanley researched and wrote the first three editions of Eastern Europe on a Shoestring, Lonely Planet's first guide to Europe. Subsequently he covered Cuba and parts of Canada for the same company.

To learn about his latest books, visit  South Pacific Travel.

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All the photos on are by David Stanley,
original author of Lonely Planet Cuba.
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